Roll Right Model 100

Manufactured in Marysville, WA since 1976.

Guaranteed to be free of defects for 2 years from date of purchase.


We offer six base colors for our model 100


For doors up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high

Easy to install

Easy to operate

Minimal maintenance

Requires minimal overhead space

Does not hinder lighting or overhead storage

With 7 colors to choose from

Option to add insulation or perimeter brush seal


NOTE: Automatic Door & Gate roll right doors must be installed by a handy homeowner or an experienced professional.

Parts and Specifications

  • Assembled of cold roll formed 26-gauge high grade galvanized steel coated in polyester paint. Panels are assembled and lock-seamed to form a solid steel curtain.
  • Roller drum is 1 1/4” schedule 40 pipe with steel drums welded. Helical wound springs are factory installed to properly counterbalance the weight of the door curtain.
  • Bottom edge is made of extruded aluminum with blade style gasket seal.
  • Guides are made of extruded aluminum with plastic wear strip to buffer door curtain.
  • Support brackets are constructed of 11 gauge galvanized steel with heavy bushings for carrying roller drum.
  • Lock options are outside-mounted padlock hasp or inside box lock.
  • Optional insulation is a blanket of reflective double bubble with bright white interior color glued to inside of curtain (R-4 Value Insulation).
  • Optional weather brush is polypropylene strip of filaments mounted in an extruded aluminum retainer attached to the door jamb and conforming to the corrugated surface of the door.


5.5″ side room

14 up to 8’ high 16” up to 10’ high head room